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May 5, 2010

Apple Angst

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Since I wrote this www.spiritjb.com/ have enabled jailbreaking on 3.1.3, however this guide may still come in handy for people wanting to downgrade their OS for any reason. Enjoy.

Since I purchased my iPhone 3G I have been immensely happy with it. There have only been three things about it that have annoyed me. Two of those, copy/cut/paste and lack of MMS functionality were fixed in the 3.0 OS upgrade. That just left multitasking, the holy grail of productivity.

Coming from Windows Mobile were it is possible to run many applications simultaneously it took awhile to get used to having to close down an application to access a new one.  A simple task like reading a email then trying to text someone a anecdote about it and having to reopen the email to confirm what I was writing was correct suddenly became arduous.

But like most users I tolerated the inconvenience of this for the superior functionality and ease of use that The device and it’s App Store provided. I knew multitasking was possible to do as I had read on various forum posts and websites that there were apps that made it possible after jailbreaking. However I liked the idea of my phone being “pure” so I resisted temptation and waited patiently.

On the 9th of April 2010 I sat up late (or early depending where you are), watching live blogs KNOWING this would be the time.  And YES there is was, multitasking along with a whole lot of other goodies like wallpaper and folders.

And then came the blow, no multitasking for iPhone 3G.

I was annoyed. I still have a year to run on my contract and I am not going to pay out a contract just so I can get a new phone. This was a device that I really truly enjoyed using and I had effectivly been told that is was obsolete.

The Moment Of Truth

While I would gladly take the next gen iPhone if it was offered to me by Optus, I don’t see this happening since I still have a year left on my current contract.  So I decided if Apple was not going to give me the functionality I wanted I would create it myself.

I decided to jailbreak.

First I downloaded Blackra1n as I had heard this was by far the simplest solution going.  I had it all set up, clicked the Make It Ra1n button and…..nothing.  I tried again, and still no results.

I then started Googling and discovered to my dismay that OS 3.1.3 was effectively unjailbreakable.  No worries I thought.  Ill just locate a copy of 3.1.2 and restore my phone to that and we will be in business.

No such luck, apparently iTunes will now no longer let you just downgrade OS versions.

However I was on a mission and after several hours and numerous attempts I succeeded.  Below is a summary of the steps involved and the resources required, hopefully this makes it easier for anyone else attempting the same thing.


You will need the following;

  • iPhone OS 3.1.2
  • Blackra1n
  • iRecovery
  • iPhone 3G
  • iTunes
  • Some patience


The first step is to downgrade your firmware to 3.1.2 (you can get a copy HERE).  Apple used to allow you to do this but they decided to remove that functionality from iTunes.  You see iTunes checks with Apples servers to make sure what you are doing is allowed and if not it simply wont let you do it.

The solution is to make iTunes think it is talking to Apple when it is not.  Saurik, the granddaddy of jailbreaking has an excellent guide to this HERE.  I won’t explain the process in detail as he does an excellent job.  Less tech inclined Mac users take note, if you are having trouble finding your host file fear not!  I have found a nifty guide for editing it HERE.

Once you have edited your host file you are ready to downgrade your firmware.

Shift Click on the restore button in iTunes and it will ask for the location of the file.  Select the .IPSW file that you downloaded and your in business.  Go have a cup of tea while  iTunes does its thing.

Ok you should now have a freshly restored iPhone.  Now run blackra1n which you can get from HERE.

You will find that your phone will go through the jailbreaking process however it will get stuck in recovery mode. DONT PANIC.

This is where iRecovery comes in.  Follow the instructions HERE and before you know it you will have a shiney new jailbroken iPhone.

This tutorial was compiled from external resources.


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