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October 3, 2010

Cat v Dog….The Stare down.

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My cat….because everyone likes him…except this dog ūüėÄ

October 2, 2010

10 Second Thought #001

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Why the duck won’t my iPhone let me say shot. I mean really…

October 1, 2010

CrAPP Tastic

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Have you ever downloaded an App that was so bad you didn’t even bother syncing it with iTunes to you could reload it later? ¬†It has probably only happened to me a handful of times, and one of those times was today.

The offender in this case was Archery Challenge.  If you download this game and play it for 30 seconds, that is it.  Tou have just achieved all there is too achieve and gotten maximal enjoyment from this game.  Ok  that is a slight exaggeration, as you can unlock new levels etc but really, everything is the SAME.

This game might appeal to someone who likes things slow and steady, devoid of challenge and excitement but to the rest of the world I would say stay away.

I will allow some credit because it is obvious some effort has gone into the artwork, however the game play is so slow and monotonous it doesn’t even start to compensate.

3/10 and thats because its a long weekend, I’m in a generous mood and the developers are not charging money up front for this atrocity.

Toilet Review: Flashlight For Iphone 4

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I am going to start a series of mini reviews called toilet reviews. I will leave it to the readers imagination as to why they are called that.

My first subject is the aptly named Flashlight.

This app does one thing but it does it well and that is turn you iPhone 4’s camera flash into into a torch.

It comes with the added bonus of being able to turn your screen white for double sided illumination and also a strobe function that can be used to summon help in an emergency or to test pets/siblings/enemies for epilepsy.

It’s free and does what it says so I’m giving ¬†it a 9/10 only missing a perfect score because the devs include ads and the $1.19 in app purchase to remove them sounds pretty steep for the functionality you get especially when you consider apparently this is “limited time” pricing. ¬†I would rather they just left the ads and didn’t insult my¬†intelligence.

All in all, a simple but effective app, and it’s free (for now) so if you have a iPhone 4, go get it.

September 29, 2010

iPhone 4 Update

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Well checked the order status this morning and it has changed from “Not Yet Shipped” to “Prepared For Shipping”.

Hopefully this means I might receive it a few days early, however I am not getting my hopes up.

Ill get excited when it changes to “Shipped” because once it has been shipped I have never had anything from apple take longer than 24 hours.


Got an email at 11.37 item shipped complete with tracking number.

Fingers crossed it should arrive before the weekend if the star align and the package doesn’t get lost.

Woo Hoo!


Progress has been made. ¬†Is already in town or about to arrive…should def. have it tomorrow it looks like…and just in time to use the free case program.


Received it early next morning as expected, about 2 weeks early.  Well done apple. You impressed me again!

Image thanks to Flickr user IvyField

September 27, 2010

The case of the case

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Well my iPhone 4 order is still sitting on the Apple site as ‘Not Yet Shipped’.

I can’t say I am either¬†surprised¬†or disappointed ¬†as it is not due for shipping for another week, and given current demand I will be impressed if Apple ship it by the date they say they will.

My waiting has given me time to think about cases, as I mentioned I would be doing previously.  This has caused me to become torn.  The iPhone 4 is a thing of beauty, crafted from glass and stainless steel and it seems a shame to cover it.

However in the last 12 months I have broken not one but two iPhone 3GS. ¬†The first one was a write off, however Apple replaced it for free. ¬†The second one (and my current handset) has just recently become a victim of a horizontal crack stretching the width of the screen, which I’m not going to get too excited over given my pending iPhone 4 delivery.

However it has got me thinking and after reading some horror stories. ¬†I’ve concluded that given my¬†tendency¬†to break things, and the seemingly fragile state of the iPhone 4 I think it is in both my and the iPhones best interest that I sacrifice the sexy factor for something that will save me a shed tear should I drop it onto anything harder than jelly.

I have researched every case you can possibly imagine and have decided that for a clumsy oaf like myself it is pretty hard to go past the Otterbox Defender.

Unfortunately  despite the plethora of reviews out on the interwebs about this product some questions have been left unanswered. For example, yes I know it adds some bulk to the phone, but HOW MUCH?

And giving¬†measurements¬†doesn’t¬†count.

I want photos of side by side comparisons, or even better videos! Which is what I will be giving you hopefully next week pending delivery of the iPhone 4.

September 16, 2010

The Waiting Game

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Ok well I did it.

I ordered myself an iPhone 4.

And whats more I bought it direct from Apple.  I have no desire to be locked into another 2 years with Optus, so I figured I would go it on my own.

A major factor also was that Optus wanted me to pay then $750 to get one and I would have to sign up for another 2 years as well! For me $250 is the price of freedom so it would seem and damn it if it isn’t worth every cent.

Now the iPhone 4 was been out here sicne 30 July, so you would think the rush would be over. ¬†Well it isn’t.

I ordered 13/9/2010 and my confirmation email reads ships 5/10/10 delivers 11/10/10

This doesn’t¬†surprise¬†me at all. ¬†And I was expecting it. ¬†What does suprise me is that Telstra has stock at the moment, but noone else ( including Apple it would seem) has any.

Ah well….The anticipation will make it all the sweeter, and it gives me time to find the perfect case.

If apple surprise me with a magical delivery from nowhere as they have done in the past, I will let you know.

Image thanks to Flickr user IvyField

August 11, 2010

MobileMe saved my life. Or at least several hundred dollars

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The scene is as follows.  I am catching a taxi home and we arrive at my destination.  I am sending a text message as we arrive and I place my iPhone on the taxis dash to get money out.  I tip the driver and wish him a good night.

Apples MobileMe

Very handy.

No sooner had he driven away that it hit me.  My beloved phone is still in the cab.  He was still in my street so I rushed inside and called the cab company to let them know my predicament.   After being assured he would look for the phone and return it I hung up.

30 Minutes later, neither the taxi or my phone is anywhere to be seen.  I fear it has been taken by another patron before the cabbie found it.

I go to my laptop and fire up MobileMe and log into ¬†Find My iPhone. ¬†I see it is moving in my direction so I wait. ¬†The little blip on the monitor gets closer and closer and goes straight past my street. ¬†“Fair enough” I think ¬†“Maybe he had a drop off and he will deliver it on the way back into town”. ¬†The blip stops for a minute and I fear the worst and then it starts coming back toward me and goes straight past again and into town.

I call the cab company again and get put on hold while they radio the driver. ¬†After a few moments the operator comes back on the line and tells me the driver has looked in the cab and they are sorry but I didn’t leave my phone there.

I tell the operator I have a GPS tracking device embedded in the phone and I can clearly see that it is driving around town like crazy. ¬†If the driver would come back I’m sure I could find the phone.

Clearly thinking I am insane the operator informs me once again that the driver has looked and there is no phone, they are very busy and can not afford to waste a drivers time.

Sensing I was about to get hung up on and lose my phone forever I quickly inform the operator that if she doesn’t believe me ask the driver if this is where he has been and tell her his movements for the last 5 minutes.

Clearly frustrated she puts me on hold again.  About 30 seconds later she tells me the driver is on his way back.

When he arrives he sheepishly pulls my phone out of HIS POCKET and explains he only just found it…yeah right.

My MobileMe subscription was up for renewal a few days after the incident and I was considering cancelling it.  After this I paid my subscription without a hesitation.  $99 a year is expensive.  But not as expensive as a new phone, and even with insurance, the excess would have been over twice that amount.

August 7, 2010

iOS4 Multitasking on 3G

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Yes it is possible. ¬†And it works fine, provided you manage your apps carefully and don’t leave anything open you don’t need.

To do it all you need to do is jailbreak with Redsn0w, and you will see an option allowing you to enable verbose boot, multitasking etc.

For details head over to Lifehacker.

NOTE: Ensure you download the appropriate version on Redsn0w or it will say your IPSW file is not valid.

July 11, 2010

iOS4 on a 3G

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There has been alot of people reporting that iOS4 running on their 3Gs has been a intolerably sluggish experience so I was somewhat hesitant to make the leap.

However three days ago I just had to see for myself what the fuss was about.¬† The whole process went relatively smoothly.¬† Initially iTunes would say that it couldn’t connect to the update server, which left me scratching my head, until I remembered I had modified my host file to spoof apples servers so I could downgrade to 3.1.2 from 3.1.3.¬† Once I deleted the extra line of code from the host file it all ran smoothly.

The update took about 1 hour once the download was complete, including the backup/restore. Your mileage may vary  on this some people are reporting as little has 30 minutes while others have said 3+ hours.

Once that was complete I had the moment of truth.  I swiped to unlock and and launched into my fav apps to see what the verdict was.

To me there is no noticeable slowdown in apps at all, in fact just swiping between screens and navigating around the spring board feels snappier.

The folders are a very welcome feature, as is the unified inbox.¬† My only gripe is that it isn’t easy to tell which account the message came from but hopefully Apple fix this soon.

For 3G owners there isn’t a lot to talk about with iOS4.¬† But I wont be rolling back.

If you do experience problems with it I do have my roll back guide HERE that was written to help go from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2.  I have not tested it on iOS4 so caveat emptor.

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